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My passion is simplifying personal finance so that it is accessible to everyone, even those who don't have a degree in economics. My FREE WEEKLY EMAILS and regular blog posts offer all of the information you need in bite-sized portions. If you don't want to wait then my book, Secrets I Learned by Sleeping with My Financial Advisor offers tips, tricks and strategies to jump start your journey. 

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How it Works

How it works

I am so glad you are here! Organizing your finances can seem intimidating but I promise you, this will be easier than you think. We are aiming to make things a little better every week, rather than trying to do everything all at once. You didn't get to this point in one day and you won't get out of it in one day but little by little, with habit change and a few tweaks we will have you right where you need to be.

My FREE weekly email will help to keep you on track with a new task and a new habit to slip into your routine. It shouldn't take more than about 30 minutes. That's it! 

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